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    Welcome @ Tha-E Productions,
    Tha-E Productions is a creative (commercial) art company.
    It was founded by Tha-E in 1996, and has been available for
    a select group of clients. In 2008 we decided to present
    our services to a wider audience.
    The motto of Tha-E productions is: If we don't feel it, we won't do it.
    We believe that a Creative Artist creates better work if he can put his feelings into it.
    Fortunately we are in the luxury position to live by this motto cause we're not
    dependent on a fixed income.
    For our clients this means: We give it all we've got for a fair price.
     So if you have any questions just mail@tha-e.com    
    Tha-E Productions plays the following fields:
    Graphic Art
    Video Art
    Computer Art
    Web design
    All Art and images on tha-e.com are created and owned  by Tha-E Productions

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