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Back in the days Tha-E was known as M.C.-E.
It was in 1994 that he changed his name in Tha-E.
It was in1995 that E designed his Graffiti style Tha-E logo.
The logo has been unchanged since then.
In the mid 90ís E was most known for his mix tapes on which
he often dropped a short rhyme. Between 2000 and 2002
he made a series of 12 mix cdís. Most of them where
HipHop RnB Pop related. Some had a special theme.
Like the Nr.11 Gone 2 heaven in memory of Aaliyah  mix.
E has yet to release mix 13 and 14. These will be theme mixes,
but they wonít be completed until E has found a way to alter time.
In 1993 Tha-E hooked up with a producer. They went to a studio and recorded one track.
Because E moved to another city in that period their collaboration ended.
It wasnít until the late 90ís when E got his first PC and was able to create his own songs with
the use of  samples. Itís than that he started to write complete rhymes. B 4 that period he would
mostly write short rhymes. He recorded some of them at home but because of a cheap mic he
was unsatisfied with the audio sound. Around 1998 E started thinking about making a complete album.
The following years he completed some unfinished rhymes, and wrote more.
In 2005 E was introduced to the magic of Fruity Loops. It was then that he was able to give his
creative mind card blanche. In 2006 he had more than enough material for his album.
All the instrumentals were ready, and all that E needed to do was record the vocals.
In 2007 after checking prices of recording studioís E decided to buy a decent recording mic.
He completed a 1st rough cut demo in the summer of 2007. With some minor adjustments in mind
E now faced a dilemma like most Hip Hop artistsÖ. Samples. With over 50% of the album completely
build out of samples E faced the choice. This was 4 ever 2 be an underground record that he
could never register on his name without paying big $ 4 the samples, or he had to write new music 4
all the tracks that contained samples.
E chose the last option, and started to write new music for all his songs that contained samples.
With the help of C.J. and Badjan Carpata with whom he formed Magic Colors, E was able to
give Tha-E motion the sound he wanted it to have.
The Album title: Tha-E Motion was also the original title when itís first cover design was made in 1998.
Back than E had no knowledge of the things 2 come that would inspire most of his rhymes.
Listening 2 the album the title speaks 4 itself.    
Original Tha-E Motion Album Cover made in 1998