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Tha-Emotion Lyrics
Call me Dead-E
Lyrics written by Tha-E, C.J. and Badjan Carpata
Kick back relax and enjoy the show
Nod your head 2 tha rhythm and take it slow
Put the Bass a lil louder, a lil louder
Yeeeah, here we go.
I ainít got no Ice and I donít spoil a ho
Gold diggers get the fuck out my door
No matter your colour or size Iíll be nice 2 yo
But that donít mean Iíll fuck you though
Iíll tell you what you can get from me
What you see is what you get. But donít misjudge what you see.
Thereís a reason why some call me Mr.E ÖÖthink about it
My nameís Tha-E but you can call me Dead-E / (Daddy)
I got a soft spot for Horror flicks and sexy chicks.
Pose 4 me and Iíll shoot you with ma Dimage Z6
Megapix lick yo lips 4 sum sensual pics
You wanna know what really makeís me ticks
Get to know me and you might find out
Get to know me and you might freak out
Get to know me and you wonít have a doubt
That when I say Iím Unique itís the truth no doubt
positive and negative
Ladies if you want my attention smile and have ya nails done
I can be boring but stimulated Iíll be fun 
I hate the cold but love the sun
Prefer the night by the way do you know a pussy can be way more dangerous than a gun
If you listen youíll find out Iím not the type that will tell you Iím great
If you want my ÖÖ. youíll just have 2 wait.
Count on it that Iím always late
Well probably not (reverse).
Dead-E is spelled as a contradiction, why
The sound is warm but the word is cold, no lie
It has to do with what I reflect, and what I feel
I wonít always say what I mean, but I mean what I say 4 real
Introducing on the mic
Itís C.J., Cool Girl, Miss Viv which one you like
Iíll be your lover your wife your girlfriend even your mother
But a dancer for money you will have to ask another
Iím not one for beef fights trouble problems, you name it
Me I can be, love it leave it or take it
All I need is a beat let me flow let me show
Shake it right trough the night like a light I will glow
Creativity non-stop Magic Colors make it drop
Da-Le dancers make it hot, and me I gotta cut
From Tha-E then was me now Badjan is the next
My time is up, Iím a meet you on the next track
Ref 2
C.J., Cool Girl, Miss Viv which one you like
Well Iím the third but the first
that was ever put on planet earth
Believe my every word
Cause Iíve been a rebel since my day of birth
Ready to battle the world till the day my body is settled in dirt
Havenít you heard revolutionís coming your way
Ainít talking about a shirt
The beat is superb as sweet as the herb
Thatís got me flowing and floating and feeling as free as a bird
Tha-E brought the heat thatís got me blowing like a suicide bomber
You know my temper is shorter than C.Jís skirt in the summer
Ref 3
Seh asina mes Badjan Carpata
Si bo no sa, puntra bo tata
I want you 2 think about
What weíve been talking about
4 you try enter our night
Magic Colors is from the heart 
Family can never part
try to do only whatís right
I am making the music
Writing to lose this
Feelings that gotz to go out
M.C. crew in the place 2 B
5000 G
Peace, weíre out
Produced by: Tha-E 4 Dead-E Records. Dead-E Records is a division of Tha-E Productions  -  All songs written by Tha-E except "Call me
Dead-E" Music by Tha-E, lyrics by Magic Colors (Tha-E, C.J. and Badjan Carpata.) - All instruments by Tha-E - All vocals by Tha-E and
C.J. - Recorded by Tha-E - Mixed and Engineered by Tha-E and Badjan Carpata  -  Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying,
public performance or broadcasting of this recording is prohibited. Concept, logos and names protected.Original sound recordings owned
by Tha-E - Manufactured and printed in Holland - Photography, Design and Art direction: Tha-E Productions   2008 ©