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Tha-Emotion Lyrics
Lyrics written by Tha-E
Children of the world today
were can they stay, were can they play
it ain't okay to let yo child on the street all day alone
you brought it in this world, you should give it a home
you should give it love, just feeding ain't enough.
don't count on any help from the man above
you say to be a single parent is rough
fuck yo excuse I ain't try to hear that stuff 
you had unprotected sex you were playing a game
so I ain't got nobody else but you to blame
maybe you got pregnant just to keep yo man
It didn't work out now I'm a tell you again
stop praying to the man above
cause you're the one who has to teach your children love
tell them the world is rough teach them to care for there fellow man
and tell them yo mistakes so it won't happen again
Be there 4 your children, donít leave them alone
Be there 4 your children, youíve go to give them a home
Be there 4 your children, no choice, no voice
Then be a father and be a mother
Donít you know that the heart of a child is more precious than gold
Be there 4 your children, in this world so hard and cold
You said it ain't mine when she said youíre the dad
you know that 9 months ago unprotected sex you had.
you told her back than that a rubber felt bad, it would be okay
but now you're walking away
you call yourself a player and bout that I don't care
but to leave an innocent child I tell you ain't fair
be there I ain't asking you to love the mother
I'm telling you Ö be a father
children won't stop crying
till you grown ups stop lying, denying
explain them why in the world children are dying, so young
you treat them wrong, ain't having fun, 10 year olds packing a gun
that shit is wrong, so do sum.
before it's to late, don't wait
show them love cause all they see is hate
educate them bout love and lust
what is trust in a world so hard and cold
so that one day, that child can become an adult  
you are the one they look up to, you should care
you're the one who put them in a world you know ain't fair
teach them to share, show them the way
so the future might see a brighter day
so many children of the world today are neglected rejected
confused refused abused when they should be protected
reflections of the childhood you never had
don't be someone's father, be a dad
like I said, you're the one who put them here today
So it shouldn't be them who got a price to pay
let them play, so that one day, when you're old and gray
they walk up to you and say.
thank you mama thank you dad
for the childhood that I had.
be there for your children don't wait
save their future before it's too late
Produced by: Tha-E 4 Dead-E Records. Dead-E Records is a division of Tha-E Productions  -  All songs written by Tha-E except "Call me
Dead-E" Music by Tha-E, lyrics by Magic Colors (Tha-E, C.J. and Badjan Carpata.) - All instruments by Tha-E - All vocals by Tha-E and
C.J. - Recorded by Tha-E - Mixed and Engineered by Tha-E and Badjan Carpata  -  Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying,
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