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Tha-Emotion Lyrics
the First and the Last Dance
Lyrics written by Tha-E
Baila un otra vez para mi por fabor
You where my first and my last dance,
And I never got the chance
To say thanx or tell you what it meant
I guess you wonít understand
That if it wasnít for you reaching out your hand
Iíd still be standing in the corner looking at the band
The looks of a Diva with an angels smile
Didnít see a lady like you in quit a while
With style and still be sweet so sweet
I held you tight so tight while we moved to the beat
Like an Angels touch part 2 so soft and so tender
My pride is stronger than desire thatís why there was no surrender
Just a dance on a hot Caribbean night
I never danced ritmo combina but you said I did alright
It wasnít quite what I expected unable to reject it
A light shining through the ice in darkness it reflected
gleams of hope lighting the shadow of my sadness
A moment of peace in a world of hurt and madness
Ask yourself whatís the chance
That a song is born out of one dance
My defence became translucent when your skin touched mine
All that is gone like a moment in time
They say look and thy shall find, but thatís not always true
Donít look for magic, it will find you.
Produced by: Tha-E 4 Dead-E Records. Dead-E Records is a division of Tha-E Productions  -  All songs written by Tha-E except "Call me
Dead-E" Music by Tha-E, lyrics by Magic Colors (Tha-E, C.J. and Badjan Carpata.) - All instruments by Tha-E - All vocals by Tha-E and
C.J. - Recorded by Tha-E - Mixed and Engineered by Tha-E and Badjan Carpata  -  Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying,
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