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Tha-Emotion Lyrics
Will the day I die
Lyrics written by Tha-E
Will the day I die, make you cry,
was it all real, or was it all a lie?
The sky is black, no turning back
to the sunshine that once was mine
to have to keep, when I'm asleep
the dreams have gone, all alone
in an empty place, I'm lost in space
lost in time, losing my mind
is playing tricks on me, will this be
the beginning of the end, for me?
Will I see a brighter day b 4 time takes the rest of me?
can I rest in peace, will my soul be free
or will I wander the earth like an entity
What will it be, for me?
the future will tell when it is history
for you, this is just a story
but for me this is reality
Will the day I die, make you cry,
was it all real, or was it all a lie?
Is it my destiny to live in pain?
or is a higher power playing a game
with my life with my brain cause I don't understand
why the things I can't control are slipping out of my hands
out of my life my wife to be decided to leave me
in an empty place we once called home
now I must carry my cross all alone
I knew what I had before it was gone
I don't know why I stay right when everything seems wrong
to me, my god abandoned me
took all the love I received away from me.
besides the pain from the missing, one time be dissing,
when I speak no one seems to listen.
A few can hear me, but less can feel me though
Seems like alone I was born, and alone I got to go
I'm in prison to protect what's left in me
so that no one can get to close to me
I know that this way I won't be free
And I will never be, cause I broke the key
The things I got to hide, stay inside
because no matter what I've got my pride
when I make a promise, I don't break it
I only give, cause I can't take it
I once believed in true love, but most people fake it
To the once moving on I hope you make it
right is the only thing left and that's the wrong way
if I don't move, I can't stay
too far away is the same as too close
do you know why love's represented by a rose?
It seduces you with sweetness until that morn
You find out that you've been cut by a thorn.
Produced by: Tha-E 4 Dead-E Records. Dead-E Records is a division of Tha-E Productions  -  All songs written by Tha-E except "Call me
Dead-E" Music by Tha-E, lyrics by Magic Colors (Tha-E, C.J. and Badjan Carpata.) - All instruments by Tha-E - All vocals by Tha-E and
C.J. - Recorded by Tha-E - Mixed and Engineered by Tha-E and Badjan Carpata  -  Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying,
public performance or broadcasting of this recording is prohibited. Concept, logos and names protected.Original sound recordings owned
by Tha-E - Manufactured and printed in Holland - Photography, Design and Art direction: Tha-E Productions   2008