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The name Magic Colors was used by Tha-E when he was talking of his Hip Hop Gang.
This was back around 1993. C.J. who back than was known as Cool Girl was one of
the original members of this group.
The Magic Colors were a group homeboys and Flygirls of all colours and races which were
best known 4 there Hiphop streetdance battles in clubs. In the mid 90ís most of the group fell apart.
Later E revived the name and decided that if he would do a musical group project with C.J.
it would be under the name Magic Colors. Between 1996 and 2001 Diva-E was the 3rd member
of the Magic Colors.in it's new form. They wrote a few rhymes and experimented with
samples but never recorded any of their work. Tha-E designed their name logo's which he hand painted
on their shirts.
In 2001 Diva-E left Magic Colors. From that point Tha-E started focussing more on his solo Album.
C.J. formed an R&B formation called S-team with 2 other girls. After a short period the girls of S-team
would all go their separate ways.   
In 2005 a new 3rd member was officially added to the group. Badjan Carpata. In the fall of 2007
Tha-E called in the help of C.J. and Badjan to spice up his solo album.
 C.J. and Badjan Carpata are introduced on Tha-E's track::"Call me Dead-E"
In the Winter of 2007 the Magic Colors made a rough selection of beats produced by Badjan Carpata
to work with 4 their album.
2008 Magic Colors are working on their album.
Some Classic picz of M.C-E's Magic Colors Jacket made in 1994
Original sketch of Cool Girl's Magic Colors Jacket design (1994)
Cool Girl Logo (1996)
Diva-E Logo (1996)