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Magic Colors is a 3 member HipHop formation.
Tha-E - C.J. - Badjan Carpata
They are currently working on their first album. This album will contain group and solo tracks of all members.
Badjan Carpata will be responsible for most of the beats on this Album. For the group tracks one of the
members will pick a beat and theme, and than will write a verse. This package is than passed on to the next
member who will write a next verse following the theme. This will than be passed on to the last member.
At this point they have not thought about an album title.
Magic Colors has it's own style and does not try to be a copy of what is already out there.
Tha-E says that they're not trying to create something different, they're just making what they feel.
A lot of M.C.'s rap a lot, but they don't say much. We don't say that that's bad, but we're more Oldskool,
and by that we mean that we tell stories or make a statement. We'll try to make you think or feel something
with our music. We'll also try to do a few party tracks. And those will not be so mental, but then again
that's not what a party track is 4, right.
Tha-E's intention is to make this album a little lighter to digest comparing to his solo Album.
But at this point it's to early 2 predict which direction the Album is going.
We're not conscious rappers, nor are we gangsters
You won't hear us brag 4 we have nothing to prove.
We are Magic Colors
no more, and no less




Destroying is eazy, creating is hard