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  • Tha-Emotion

    When Tha-E was asked to describe his album,
    he described it as a Hip Hop Soul
    album with classical and caribbean influences,
    but not with a happy theme.
    Someone described it as Hip Hop Blues,
    and thatís not a bad way to describe it.
    E made this album for himself to deal with his
    Emotions. He says:Ē Iím not the type of
    person that talks about my feelings. Because
    people already have enough on their mind.
    Talking about it 2 a person would not make
    me feel better. 4 me the best way to deal with
    things is in my music. By making my music
    public, the people around me have a choice.
    They can decide for themselves when and if
    they want to know my Emotion.    
    With music you can have it bitter sweet instead
    of plain bitter shit.Ē
    There are a few tracks on the album that donít seem
    to fit, because they are more based on a creative
    level than an Emotional level. Thereís more in these
    tracks than at first would appear.
    All tracks contain a personal and/or general message.
    This album might offend religious people. To them Tha-E says:" I have nothing against you
    or a religious positive message. I can only hope that you can understand and accept that
    my believes are different."
    2 all the people that have been exposed to his work Tha-E would like 2 say:
    "Donít hate it 4 what it is. Love it 4 what itís not."
    If thereís one person touched by this album, it was worth sharing it.
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