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Tha-Emotion Lyrics
What's Love
Lyrics written by Tha-E
You searched your life for that perfect love
Cause bad relationships you’ve had enough
Rough, times you've seen
I know what you mean still chasing a dream
as a Queen you should have been treated
An honest man is what you needed
you've been cheated once more
He broke your heart like the man before
him it's a sin
even though you show no pain, I know it hurts from within.
Your King turns out to be a fake
Giving your heart to him was a big mistake,
Break up the make-up from your eyes
make your tears turn black when you start to cry
he who seemed so true turned out to be a lie
and all you can think of is …why? my love
Was it love when you screamed out my name
Was it love when you left me in shame
Was it love when you caused me this pain
Was it love
You try to make the best out of a bad situation
But what's to gain in bad relation
frustration no relaxation when he's out
you think what he’s about, to do
will he be true or is he playing you, you have no clue
true love leans on trust
and in a relationship that's a must
just move on, don't blame yourself for the fact that he was wrong
I know you are strong, and will survive
Make something positive out of your life
and maybe one day you'll be the wife of a good man
but then again right now you’re in pain
and all your dreams just faded away
you hate to stay and you hate to leave no place to grieve
The only thing he ever made for you was make believe
Be the sun to your son
teach him what's right and what is wrong
be his guiding light trough the night
I know that you will raise him right
Don't speak bad to him about his father
And don't be jealous of you ex man's lover
just pity her cause he will do to her what he has done before
no more lies, be wise, one day the sun will clear the skies
wouldn't that be nice? yes it would
take away your pain I wish I could
but then again I'm just a man, can't turn back time
just write a rhyme, believe me you'll be fine
although you got to take it, it ain't easy
I feel you girl, believe me.
Produced by: Tha-E 4 Dead-E Records. Dead-E Records is a division of Tha-E Productions  -  All songs written by Tha-E except "Call me
Dead-E" Music by Tha-E, lyrics by Magic Colors (Tha-E, C.J. and Badjan Carpata.) - All instruments by Tha-E - All vocals by Tha-E and
C.J. - Recorded by Tha-E - Mixed and Engineered by Tha-E and Badjan Carpata  -  Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying,
public performance or broadcasting of this recording is prohibited. Concept, logos and names protected.Original sound recordings owned
by Tha-E - Manufactured and printed in Holland - Photography, Design and Art direction: Tha-E Productions   2008 ©